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Discover the Art of Playing with Maths


About us


We're Susan and Neva. We met when working for a little maths charity and when it closed (insert our sad faces), we realised that we'd become really good friends and wanted to carry on the maths fun together.

So here we are.

And here you are! (Insert our happy faces)

So, whether you're a child or grown-up looking for fun maths activities to try at home or a teacher looking for inspiration for the classroom or maybe a practitioner keen to deliver creative maths workshops in your own setting - welcome to Mathematicats! 

We have lots of ideas, activities and resources that support maths learning and show you how to play (yes play!) with maths whilst building confidence and encouraging exploration.

Join our Mathematicats (MCats) community and stay in touch!

What we do

We put the fun into maths!


We provide free workshops every week for families to have fun and explore maths together. All activities are linked to, but not restricted by the national curriculum for maths and all sessions are hands-on, interactive and use resources readily available at home (or very low cost - we occasionally use lolly sticks - but that means eating more ice lollies right?).


Workshops usually last 45mins - 1 hour and all you have to do is pop along to our YouTube channel at the start of the session. If you go to our events page you will find a list of upcoming workshops and any resources you will need such as scissors/glue. You will also find any templates or activity sheets that might be useful. No printer is no problem as we always have alternatives.

We also offer training and workshop for schools, community practitioners and parents. We can provide in-person workshops for your whole school to enjoy, training in our fun maths approach for staff/volunteers working with families and confidence building sessions for parents/carers wanting to support their child's maths learning at home. We can tailor our activities to suit your needs or you may prefer to  choose one of our options on our training page.


If you like what we do, we'd love for you to subscribe by sending us £5 a month on Ko-fi. It means we can continue to offer our playful maths sessions  for free. You'll also get a termly Mathematicats magazine sent out in the post (a real magazine) filled with activities, puzzles, jokes and any crazy ideas we have.


Support Us

We love what we do and we're always super grateful for any support that lets us do this for a job. Your donation allows us to offer free workshops and give our time at events, meaning we can reach far more families across the UK and ensure everyone has free access to our fun maths activities. 

We want EVERYONE to feel that maths is something they can do, and enjoy!

Join our Ko-Fi community and support us by signing up to a membership where you will receive lots of fun, creative and hands on math's activities to do with your family.

Support our Crowdfunder project where we are aiming to raise £2000.

We would love it if you could donate using the link below to access our project page. Any contribution large or small would be hugely appreciated. Thank you. 

Help families feel more positive about maths!

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